Supporto all’attività della European Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL)

IMPEL è stato istituito nel 1992 fra gli Stati Membri dell’UE, come network informale delle autorità responsabili per la predisposizione, l’implementazione e l’attuazione della normativa ambientale. […]

Integrated Border Management in the Western Balkans and Turkey – Technical assistance 2009-2011

The overall objective is to enhance the development of functional, effective and integrated systems of border management in line with EU standards in the Western Balkans […]

Technical Assistance to Tax and Customs Administrations (TACTA) in the Western Balkans 2008-2009

The overall objective of the project is to provide technical assistance in the area of Customs and Taxation in Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro […]

Support the strengthening of the penitentiary administration in accordance with international standards, in order to improve detention conditions and reintegration of detainees in Algeria

Studiare Sviluppo, with the Italian Ministry of Justice, junior partner of the project, the Justice Coóperation Internationale with the French Ministry of Justice, lead partner of […]

Appui à la Réforme de la Justice administrative en Tunisie

The twinning Project Appui à la réforme de la justice administrative en Tunisie TN 15 ENI JH 05 18 is financed by the European Union’s ENI fund […]