Modernization of the Albanian Customs Administration NCTS – EU Twinning 2016-2018

The project purpose (1.8 meuro) is aligning Customs transit legislation and procedures with EU acquis, also in view of the interoperability of IT systems with EU […]

Enhancement of Administrative and Technical Capacity of Customs Laboratories – EU Twinning 2016-2018

The overall objective of the project (1.4 meuro) is the modernization of customs legislation and practice in line with the EU standards for proper and effective […]

Support to Kosovo Customs EU Twinning 2015-2016

The overall objective of this project (1,75 meuro) is to strengthen the rule of law sector in Kosovo*  and the Public administration reform. In particular, the […]

Harmonization of the Serbian Customs Enforcement Division with the standards, organization and operational methodology of the EU enforcement agencies- Component 4- Twinning on Tax and Revenue Collection Systems – 2012-2013

The specific project purpose (1.4 meuro) is to support and build up the administrative and operational capacity of the Customs and Tax Administration of Serbia to […]

Improving the Detection Capacity of Turkish Customs Enforcement

The twinning Project Improving the Detection Capacity of Turkish Customs Enforcement (TR 15 IPA JH 07 18 R) is financed by the European Union’s IPA fund 2015 […]