Emergency case management and risk analysis in drinking water for the protection of public health in Turkey – 2012-2013

The Project purpose is to protect human health by strengthening the Ministry of Health both at the Public Health Institution of Turkey and the Public Health […]

EU Programme for Prevention, Preparadness and response to floods in the Western Balkans and Turkey (IPA FLOODS) – Technical assistance DG ECHO 2015-2017

In June 2014, DG ECHO launched a call for proposal for overall 6 meuro for actions aimed at increasing the beneficiaries’ capacity to ensure proper flood […]

Increasing Preparedness Capacities Across the Mediterranean (IPCAM) – Eu grant 2015-2016

The IPCAM Project represents a proposal drafted by the Italian Civil Protection Department, in cooperation with Studiare Sviluppo, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and […]

Joint Force Water Environment Disaster Relief Operations Platform – JFWEDROP EU Grant for concrete actions in Civil protection 2015-2016

The overall objective of the project (0.5 meuro co-financed by the EU DG ECHO) is to develop a multi-agency operational platform to develop best practices for […]

A Tunisi il 6 dicembre la Conferenza finale di sensibilizzazione del Progetto IPCAM

Il 6 dicembre 2016 a Gammarth, Tunisi, si terrà la Conferenza Finale di Sensibilizzazione: Travailler ensemble pour une Tunisie plus préparée del Progetto Rafforzamento delle Capacità di […]