Regional Blueprints Exercise on Customs and Taxation Location – Western Balkans, Turkey and Iceland – Technical Assistance 2010-2011

The general scope of project (1.2 meuro) is to support the management of Customs and Taxation Administrations in the Western Balkans, Turkey and Iceland in their […]

Twinning Modernisation of the Turkish Administration : ITMS Component (Twinning Fiche TR 06 IB FI 02) + NCTS Component (Twinning Fiche TR 06 IB FI 01) – 2008-2010

The two Twinning projects (overall 2 meuro) are part of a bigger project aimed at contributing to the strengthening and modernization of the Turkish Customs Administration […]

Cooperation Project in the Anti-Fraud Sector oggi a Bruxelles alla sede del Parlamento Europeo

Oggi a Bruxelles la Conferenza internazionale “Cooperation project in the anti-fraud sector”, promossa dal Dipartimento per le Politiche Europee della Presidenza del Consiglio, dal Parlamento europeo e […]