Modernization of the Albanian Customs Administration NCTS – EU Twinning 2016-2018

The project purpose (1.8 meuro) is aligning Customs transit legislation and procedures with EU acquis, also in view of the interoperability of IT systems with EU […]

Enhancement of Administrative and Technical Capacity of Customs Laboratories – EU Twinning 2016-2018

The overall objective of the project (1.4 meuro) is the modernization of customs legislation and practice in line with the EU standards for proper and effective […]

Support to Kosovo Customs EU Twinning 2015-2016

The overall objective of this project (1,75 meuro) is to strengthen the rule of law sector in Kosovo*  and the Public administration reform. In particular, the […]

Modernized Clearance Process – Lebanon EU Twinning 2012-2014

The overall objective of the project (2 meuro) is to provide better conditions for economic growth, trade facilitation and expedite the process towards WTO accession and […]

Harmonization of the Serbian Customs Enforcement Division with the standards, organization and operational methodology of the EU enforcement agencies- Component 4- Twinning on Tax and Revenue Collection Systems – 2012-2013

The specific project purpose (1.4 meuro) is to support and build up the administrative and operational capacity of the Customs and Tax Administration of Serbia to […]

Technical assistance for development of the Border Management roadmap and execution of a border gate survey in Turkey – 2010 -2012

The overall objective of the project (3 meuro) is to develop and strengthen the Turkey’s legal, institutional and technical capacity for alignment with EU’s integrated border […]

Regional Blueprints Exercise on Customs and Taxation Location – Western Balkans, Turkey and Iceland – Technical Assistance 2010-2011

The general scope of project (1.2 meuro) is to support the management of Customs and Taxation Administrations in the Western Balkans, Turkey and Iceland in their […]

Further Support for the Implementation of Systematic Exchange of Electronic Data (SEED) Project – technical assistance 2008-2012

The SEED project (systematic Exchange of Electronic Data) is aimed at supporting the customs administrations of the Beneficiaries (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo (under UNSCR1244), Montenegro, […]

Bilateral cooperation between the Italian Southern region and the Western Balkans in the Customs Area – 2006-2013

The overall objective of the bilateral cooperation project is to develop the economic relationships between the Italian Southern regions’ and the Balkan Countries, and specifically increase […]

Integrated Border Management in the Western Balkans and Turkey – Technical assistance 2009-2011

The overall objective is to enhance the development of functional, effective and integrated systems of border management in line with EU standards in the Western Balkans […]

Technical Assistance to Tax and Customs Administrations (TACTA) in the Western Balkans 2008-2009

The overall objective of the project is to provide technical assistance in the area of Customs and Taxation in Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro […]

Twinning Modernisation of the Turkish Administration : ITMS Component (Twinning Fiche TR 06 IB FI 02) + NCTS Component (Twinning Fiche TR 06 IB FI 01) – 2008-2010

The two Twinning projects (overall 2 meuro) are part of a bigger project aimed at contributing to the strengthening and modernization of the Turkish Customs Administration […]

Support to the Jordan Customs Department in the Implementation of the EU – Jordan Association Agreement – 2006-2008

The project (1 meuro) is designed in accordance with the Association Agreement between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the European Union, with particular reference to […]

Ottimi risultati raggiunti con il twinning tra l’Agenzia delle Dogane italiana e del Kosovo

Nei giorni scorsi l’Ambasciatore Sardi, Ambasciatore d’Italia nella Repubblica in Kosovo, ha incontrato il Ministro delle Finanze della Repubblica del Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti. Durante l’incontro il Ministro […]

Avviato il nuovo Progetto “White Smoke” promosso dall’OLAF e dall’Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli

Avviato il nuovo Progetto “White Smoke” – Exchange of tools and best practices for the fight against the illicit traffic of cigarettes (in particular cheap-whites) in […]