POTRAI – Support to pre-deployment capacity of the police in Iraq

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The action aims to strengthen and scale up the “Task Force Carabinieri” operating in Baghdad to undertake pre-deployment training for Iraqi police officers who will serve in areas recovered from ISIL/Da’esh. Firstly, the action will increase the number of Iraqi police trained and effectively deployed in recovered areas by scaling up the number of trainers, including from other European union member states interested in contributing to police training efforts in Iraq. Secondly, the action will improve the protection of the Iraqi Police when handling Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and, by so doing, enhance the safety of the population returning to those areas. Finally, to ensure the sustainability of the action, a small number of strategic advisers will support the “Task Force Carabinieri” and the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to ensure that the on-going training effort is further integrated and institutionalised, which enhances the longer-term governance reform agenda within the MoI, notably in regards to training and organisational/human resources policies.

Il progetto POTRAI – Support to pre-deployment capacity of the police in Iraq supporta l’incremento della capacità addestrativa della Task Force Carabinieri e delle forze internazionali in IRAQ a favore della Polizia Irachena. Il Grant tra Unione Europea, Comando Generale dell’Arma dei Carabinieri e Studiare Sviluppo è stato firmato a dicembre 2016, per un valore di circa 4 milioni di euro e la durata di 18 mesi, nell’ambito dello Strumento per la contribuire alla Stabilità e la Pace. Il Grant EU finanzia azioni finalizzate ad aumentare la capacità addestrativa offerta dalla Task Force Carabinieri, quali ad esempio la ristrutturazione e l’ampliamento del Campo nel quale vengono organizzati i training, l’acquisto di materiale per l’addestramento e il supporto professionale alla definizione e attuazione di un piano strategico di sviluppo delle capacità della Polizia e dei sistemi di sicurezza interna irachena nel medio-lungo periodo. L’addestramento riguarda una serie di corsi base e specialistici per consentire al Governo Iracheno di controllare e mantenere in sicurezza le aree liberate da ISIL/Da’esh.
On September 13th the work to rebuild Iraqi Police Training School in Baghdad has been inaugurated. The refurbishment works will be completed within 90 days and will result in an increase in accommodation capacity of up to 150 beds and connected facilities (meeting rooms, gymnasium, recreation rooms, etc.). The Police Training School has been hosting a contingent of Italian Carabinieri since 2015, when they started the training activities to the Iraqi police forces in the field of internal security and territorial control, with a focus to activities related to the areas liberated by ISIL/Da’esh. The training is provided according to the best Italian and European standards, including with regard to gender and equality issues. The works are funded by the European Union, and namely the Istrument for the Stability and Peace (IcSP). They will contribute to increasing the hosting capacity and, therefore, the training capacity with the aim of preparing as much Iraqi police officers as possible and of expanding the trainers’ team by including also representatives of other European forces. The procurement procedure managed by Studiare Sviluppo was completed in August. Following an international tender procedure, the work contract has been awarded to the Iraqi company Al-Sami, while the direction of the works has been entrusted to Integra AES srl. Both contractors are supported by the resident engineer – the Carabinieri Captain Ms. Filippini. On 6th October, one representative of the EU’s Regional Team for the MENA countries – Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) will visit the Camp and meet the experts’ team of POTRAI project.

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