Twinning Modernisation of the Turkish Administration : ITMS Component (Twinning Fiche TR 06 IB FI 02) + NCTS Component (Twinning Fiche TR 06 IB FI 01) – 2008-2010

The two Twinning projects (overall 2 meuro) are part of a bigger project aimed at contributing to the strengthening and modernization of the Turkish Customs Administration (TCA) under the Prime Ministry – Under-secretariat of Customs, in view of the implementation process for the customs legislation, organisation and procedures in line with the EU requirements.

The Italian Customs Agency, with the support of Studiare Sviluppo, have been awarded 2 out of the 3 twinning components, namely:

  • The IMTS component (720 man/days, 18+3 months of duration) is specifically intended to assist the TCA in the management of all its legislation, organizational, procedural, business and functional aspects related to the implementation of the new Customs computerised system (ITMS), as well as to provide training to TCA staff and to other relevant stakeholders in issues related to the new applications and regulations.
  • The NCTS component (699 man/days, 18+3 months of duration) in specifically aimed at assisting the TCA in aligning its transit legislation with that of the EU and at providing training to its staff and other relevant stakeholders involved with the installation and use of the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS), which will be installed by private contractors.

Studiare Sviluppo supported the Italian Customs administration in drafting the both Project proposals, the work plan and budget and acted as Mandated Body in charge of administrative and logistics support, including during training and visibility events, as well as contractual, administrative and financial management during contract implementation.

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