Support to the Jordan Customs Department in the Implementation of the EU – Jordan Association Agreement – 2006-2008

The project (1 meuro) is designed in accordance with the Association Agreement between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the European Union, with particular reference to the support to stability in the economic sector for the creation, in the medium run, of a free-trade Euro-Mediterranean zone.

The general objective of the twinning project was to support the Jordan Customs Department in strengthening its operational capacity, upgrading its procedures and structure, and updating the relevant legal and regulatory framework.

Main activities included:

  • To develop and implement the new procedures concerning Transit (including those relating to TIR), the new pan-European preferential origin protocol (proof of origin, issuing and control of certificates) and goods value, and related training;
  • To assess the impact that the adoption of the European combined nomenclature would have on the present goods classification system and possible development of a correspondence table;
  • To introduce simplified customs procedures;
  • To develop adequate legislation and procedures to guarantee an effective protection of intellectual, industrial and commercial property rights, in compliance with the most important international agreements.
  • To support the effectiveness of the Anti-Fraud service, in particular through the development of intelligence, anti-smuggling and investigation strategies;
  • To develop risk-analysis techniques.
  • To provide technical advice and support for the development of an IT system for the management of risk analysis. 
  • To develop relations with foreign-trade operators through better external communication and relation policies, and Memoranda of Understanding signed with traders and their Associations;
  • To implement a customs corporate audit.
  • To increase, through planning and control, the effectiveness of the Customs Department, thus maximizing human, financial and technological resource management; including an appropriate training strategy.

Studiare Sviluppo supported the Italian Customs administration in drafting the Project proposal, the work plan and budget and, in its role of Mandated body, was responsible for administrative and logistics support, including during training and visibility events, as well as contractual, administrative and financial management during contract implementation.

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