Support to Kosovo Customs EU Twinning 2015-2016

The overall objective of this project (1,75 meuro) is to strengthen the rule of law sector in Kosovo*  and the Public administration reform.

In particular, the project aims to

  1. to strengthen Kosovo Customs’ capacities, in order to establish and implement an effective, efficient, fair and transparent HR system, thus supporting the reform and development process in accordance with EU standards;
  2. to strengthen the enforcement system and trade facilitation, risk management, post audit controls and supply chain security, in the fight against smuggling, fiscal evasion, organized crime and counterfeiting;
  3. to support the Kosovo Customs, in providing fast and secure information and intelligence and in managing structured and unstructured information

The activities have been structured in two Components plus two visibility events (one at the beginning and one at the end of the project), as follows:

  • Component 1 – Support to Human Resources System;
  • Component 2 – Trade Facilitation and Law Enforcement.

Studiare Sviluppo supported the Italian Customs administration in drafting the Project proposal, the work plan and budget and, in its role of Mandated body, was responsible for administrative and logistics support, including during training and visibility events, as well as contractual, administrative and financial management during contract implementation.

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