Modernization of the Albanian Customs Administration NCTS – EU Twinning 2016-2018

The project purpose (1.8 meuro) is aligning Customs transit legislation and procedures with EU acquis, also in view of the interoperability of IT systems with EU – NCTS system.  The project purpose includes assisting the Albanian Customs Administration, in strengthening its administrative capacity  in line with the EU Customs Blueprints, in the field of Customs Transit and to strengthen technical and operational capacities in enforcement and intelligence.

This will be achieved through:

  • implementation of best managerial, operational models recommended by EU blueprints and WCO safe standards,
  • enhancement of human resource capacities,
  • fostering best practices also through a constant exchange of information and knowledge, in all TW sectors, in order to improve operative standards and implement policies  aiming at achieving a higher quality of systems and procedures.

Studiare Sviluppo supported the Italian Customs administration in drafting the Project proposal, the work plan and budget and, in its role of Mandated body, was responsible for administrative and logistics support, including during training and visibility events, as well as contractual, administrative and financial management during contract implementation.

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