Harmonization of the Serbian Customs Enforcement Division with the standards, organization and operational methodology of the EU enforcement agencies- Component 4- Twinning on Tax and Revenue Collection Systems – 2012-2013

The specific project purpose (1.4 meuro) is to support and build up the administrative and operational capacity of the Customs and Tax Administration of Serbia to improve the performance efficiency and effectiveness in the field of tax system in accordance with EU best practice, with special emphasis on reducing the incidence of tax evasion and fraud in the context of international trade

Assistance provided include the following components:

  • Enhancement of the cooperation among SCA, STA, public administration and business sector in the field of tax policy.
  • Alignment of tax and customs legislation, in particular indirect taxation, based on the results of gap analysis.
  • Development of effective policies of SCA and STA, in order to combat tax evasion and fraud, including evasion and fraud at international level.
  • Improvement of the competences of customs and tax officers, in order to successfully enforce legislation and detect and prevent potential tax fraud.

Studiare Sviluppo supported the Italian Customs administration in drafting the Project proposal, the work plan and budget and, in its role of Mandated body, was responsible for administrative and logistics support, including during training and visibility events, as well as contractual, administrative and financial management during contract implementation.

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