Offering capacity to design, plan, conduct and evaluate Community Civil Protection Mechanism Training Courses – LOT 1 – CMI Introductory courses – 2011-2016

According to the art. 1 of the Council Decision N° 2007/779/EC Euratom the main objective of the Civil Protection Mechanism is to facilitate reinforced cooperation between the Community and the Member States in civil protection assistance intervention in the event of major emergencies, or the imminent threat. In order to achieve this objective the Commission set up a “training programme, with a view to enhancing the coordination of civil protection assistance intervention by ensuring compatibility and complementarities between the above mentioned intervention teams and modules, and by improving the competence of the experts involved.

Considering that the overall objective of this Call is to enhance coherence and cohesion and exploit synergies between the Civil Protection training centers in the Participating States, in order to ensure diversity of the civil protection training programme and appropriate cross border cooperation, the Italian Civil Protection Department, supported by Studiare Sviluppo, submitted a training proposal in partnership with Croatia and the United Kingdom.

Lot n.1 is related to offering capacity to design, plan, conduct and evaluate in total 10 to 11 Community Civil Protection Training course per cycle (each year) of the type Community Mechanism Introduction Course (CMI) on the basis of the draft EU curriculum. Trainings includes exercise, simulations and table top actions.

The consortium led by the Italian Component has been awarded the CMI courses for 5 consecutive years and Studiare Sviluppo was in charge of financial, logistics and visibility of the activities.