Joint Force Water Environment Disaster Relief Operations Platform – JFWEDROP EU Grant for concrete actions in Civil protection 2015-2016

The overall objective of the project (0.5 meuro co-financed by the EU DG ECHO) is to develop a multi-agency operational platform to develop best practices for water emergencies aiming at searching, rescue and recovery of missing persons. The platform (JFWEDROP) will develop a MODULE containing a minimum requirement for operational module ensuring the necessary expertise during disaster relief operations, such as:

  • Planning and management of multiagency / multinational operations
  • Surface rescue and reliefs operations in lake, sea, rivers and flooded areas
  • Underwater rescue and reliefs operations
  • rescue and reliefs using ropes
  • use of explosives to clear access ways/gates
  • operating in contaminated areas

The lessons learnt during the exercise will be proposed to the EC ECHO as set of operations for EU civil protections modules.

Studiare Sviluppo supported the Italian Department for Civil Protection and its UK and Swedish partners in implementing the project, with specific regard to the profiles related to the training and the exercises, as well as the administrative and financial management.

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