Studiare Sviluppo Srl is an in-house agency of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance

working on behalf of the latter Ministry as well as a number of other central Public Administrations including, inter alia, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Environment, the Italian Customs Agency, the Italian Civil Protection Agency, the Italian Gendarmerie (Arma dei Carabinieri).

Studiare Sviluppo implements its mandate at both the domestic and the international level.

At the domestic level, Studiare Sviluppo supports its partner administration in designing, planning, implementing and monitoring and evaluating public policies and programmes in a number of sectors, including (sustainable) economic and social development, public investments & infrastructure, energy efficiency, financial support to SMEs, project finance.
Studiare Sviluppo boasts an unique experience in designing & implementing projects related to the use of EU structural funds (ESF and ERDF) for implementing regional and local economic and cohesion policies, mainly in the South of Italy. To this regard, a number of pilot initiatives have been implemented and innovative methodologies and guidelines drafted to support regional authorities, regional development agencies, managing authorities, private investors and local stakeholders in such issues as local governance and tools for partnership, blending of funds and project financing, stakeholder’s engagement, data bases and indicators for monitoring and evaluation, etc.

At the international level, Studiare Sviluppo is specialized

in the design and implementation of EU Grant and Twinning projects specifically in the Western Balkans, Turkey and ENPI south and East regions. The capacity building support of Studiare Sviluppo covers a number of sectors swinging from Sustainable Socio-Economic Development to Security and Public Health, from Support to Trade to Civil Protection, from Border Management to Fiscal law (see our references here).

Studiare Sviluppo is the Mandated body of many Italian Public Administrations,

in charge of the overall project management and organization of different capacity building and development projects, in particular it provides the following services: administrative and financial management, reporting, backstopping activities, tendering/procurement, contracting, payment, monitoring and organization of events. It supports the Administrations in compliance with the EU Regulations on Financial Assistance.

Studiare Sviluppo boasts an internal staff of about 30 persons and a selected network of long and short term experts with sound international experience.

More specifically, as a public consulting company, Studiare Sviluppo provides technical assistance and institutional support with a unique matching of a consultancy’s operational approach and institutional know-how deriving from its peculiar status of public in-house company. The specific field of actions can be grouped into the following main categories:
Support to design and implementation of socio-economic and sustainable development projects and programmes, with specific regard to Innovative and experimental pilot actions for integrated development, sustainable development, green cities, including new governance systems, territorial integration, stakeholders’ involvement and public-private partnerships;
Support to design and implementation of institutional building and reform projects, in the field of European enlargement and neighbouring process, including, inter alia, sustainable development, carbon footprint and Kyoto protocol, combating of illicit trafficking, security at the borders, internal security and judiciary, etc;
Provision of specialised services to public Administrations related to the upgrading of competences, including complex training programmes, as well as support to design and implementation of communication, visibility and awareness programmes and campaigns.
Feasibility Studies and Research in such fields as socio-economic and sustainable development, energy, decentralisation and fiscal policies, security at borders, public utilities and many other issues.
In addition, a dedicated unit within Studiare Sviluppo is dedicated to Event Organisation and Logistics, as well as to Communication and visibility services including such services as: media coverage related activities, informative and promotional campaigns including printing of advertising leaflet, editorial projects (printing, e-books, audio-books, DVDs), production of e-learning and media programmes (including web/radio programmes, TV spots), creation of web platform.
International projects
giugno 16, 2017

SEED Maintenance and Development

SEED Maintenance and Development is a Project funded by the European Union, DG TAXUD e della DG NEAR, entrusted to the Italian Customs Agency.  The Beneficiary Administrations of the […]
maggio 18, 2017

Preparation of the Albanian Customs Administration for the EU -Integrated Tariff Management System

The overall objective of this Twinning project Preparation of the Albanian Customs Administration for the EU -Integrated Tariff Management System – AL 13 IPA FI 02 […]
maggio 2, 2017

“White Smoke” – Exchange of tools and best practices for the fight against the illicit traffic of cigarettes (in particular cheap-whites) in the participating region

The Project “White Smoke” – Exchange of tools and best practices for the fight against the illicit traffic of cigarettes (in particular cheap-whites) in the participating region, […]
aprile 26, 2017

LET4CAP – Law Enforcement Training for Capacity Building

LET4CAP – Law Enforcement Training for Capacity Building is a 500.000 euro Grant Project funded by the European Commission DG Migration and Home Affairs. The Grant […]
gennaio 11, 2017

POTRAI – Support to pre-deployment capacity of the police in Iraq

The action aims to strengthen and scale up the “Task Force Carabinieri” operating in Baghdad to undertake pre-deployment training for Iraqi police officers who will serve […]
dicembre 2, 2016

A Tunisi il 6 dicembre la Conferenza finale di sensibilizzazione del Progetto IPCAM

Il 6 dicembre 2016 a Gammarth, Tunisi, si terrà la Conferenza Finale di Sensibilizzazione: Travailler ensemble pour une Tunisie plus préparée del Progetto Rafforzamento delle Capacità di […]
ottobre 27, 2016

Ottimi risultati raggiunti con il twinning tra l’Agenzia delle Dogane italiana e del Kosovo

Nei giorni scorsi l’Ambasciatore Sardi, Ambasciatore d’Italia nella Repubblica in Kosovo, ha incontrato il Ministro delle Finanze della Repubblica del Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti. Durante l’incontro il Ministro […]
ottobre 12, 2016

Operational approaches of fighting frauds in the European agricultural and food sectors – Hercule III – 2014-2020

The Project Anti-Fraud Training “Operational approaches of fighting frauds in the European agricultural and food sectors” was promoted by OLAF,  Italian Carabinieri  and ISTI the Advanced […]
marzo 17, 2016

Offering capacity to design, plan, conduct and evaluate Community Civil Protection Mechanism Training Courses – LOT 1 – CMI Introductory courses – 2011-2016

According to the art. 1 of the Council Decision N° 2007/779/EC Euratom the main objective of the Civil Protection Mechanism is to facilitate reinforced cooperation between […]
marzo 17, 2016

Joint Force Water Environment Disaster Relief Operations Platform – JFWEDROP EU Grant for concrete actions in Civil protection 2015-2016

The overall objective of the project (0.5 meuro co-financed by the EU DG ECHO) is to develop a multi-agency operational platform to develop best practices for […]
marzo 17, 2016

Increasing Preparedness Capacities Across the Mediterranean (IPCAM) – Eu grant 2015-2016

The IPCAM Project represents a proposal drafted by the Italian Civil Protection Department, in cooperation with Studiare Sviluppo, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and […]
marzo 17, 2016

EU Programme for Prevention, Preparadness and response to floods in the Western Balkans and Turkey (IPA FLOODS) – Technical assistance DG ECHO 2015-2017

In June 2014, DG ECHO launched a call for proposal for overall 6 meuro for actions aimed at increasing the beneficiaries’ capacity to ensure proper flood […]